How it Works

How It Works!

Join us at 1 S.O.U.L.! We help individuals, entrepreneurs and vendors go from local to global; hence we are the #1 marketplace catering to all things spiritual! A Glokylist is any member who joins our site at and registers as a buyer or seller. You can save money by buying directly from vendors worldwide. You can also make money as a seller or an Influencer who simply promotes Glokyl to others via social media. As a business you can grow your brand and get exposure as an advertiser and/or PPC (pay per click). As a Glokylist you have access to our number of products and services but also embrace the principles of small business ownership, supporting small businesses and utilizing ecommerce to help empower local communities. Glokyl LLC upholds entrepreneurship, visionary leaders and humanitarian efforts to help make a better world!

We have 3 types of Glokylists:

SHOPPERS: Through Glokyl, customers will be able to come directly to our site to search, find and purchase unique products AND services from the vendors, individuals and businesses from around the world. This allows the purchaser to find the most genuine and unique items such as jewelry, clothing, electronics, books, health products, perfumes, colognes, beauty supplies, phone accessories, watches, school supplies & more, many before ever hitting the mainstream, at the best prices and have them shipped directly to their home!

SELLERS: Individuals, entrepreneurs and/or businesses can sell new products online, sell used items or even refurbished merchandise. All types of small business owners, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and corporations can create their own store front, list their complete products and/or services and sell directly to customers everywhere. Glokyl provides multiple layers of security to protect the customer and seller to ensure smooth and safe transactions. Vendors expand their reach and sell more products. Vendors & customers alike are also able to search and find events, trade shows, conferences, expos, workshops, seminars, fairs, festivals and conventions in all of the major countries and cities. Vendors will be able to book booths, network and attend events.

EVENT MANAGERS/COORDINATORS: Event hosts will now also be able to easily find the right type of vendors they are seeking to fill spaces, list their upcoming events as well as advertise to the public to attract customers to attend their event. This makes the event planning easier, simpler, more fun and quicker to book and focus on other aspects of making for a great event!