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About Us

Company Overview


What is Glokyl?

Glokyl (pronounced glocal) is a multivendor marketplace to find, buy and ship various items such as apparel, jewelry, phone accessories, electronics, health & beauty products and more. Additionally, we help local vendors & entrepreneurs become global and global vendors get more local; we connect buyers and sellers! Our aim is to be the world’s #1 online shopping multi-vendor marketplace to find unique products, gifts and events directly from the suppliers but to also orovide a platform for event coordinators to find vendors to fill booths, trade shows, expos, fairs, festivals, seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences, conventions and more!

Forget globalization, it’s all about glocalization! Glocalization is the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations. This is the wave of the future. Glokyl is bridging the gap to allows customers to shop around the world for unique items (B2C). We also allow business to business (B2B) interactions for renting space, purchasing services and networking.

If you’re simply a shopper looking for great, unique gifts at the best prices, you can sign up for free and begin searching. If you’re an individual, small business, non-profit or corporation seeking to sell your merchandise to a larger audience of buyers, sign up is still FREE. You can start with a small package once you’re ready to add listings and then grow with us as your demand increases!

Don’t localize… don’t globalize… GLOKYLIZE!!