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conceptyoutopia Florida, United States
Concept YOUtopia
Concept YOUtopia
Concept YOUtopia (Opened on Jun 09, 2018 )

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Concept YOUtopia is for the nurturing of the complete person in body, mind & spirit via yoga, health, nutrition, exercise, Ayurveda, reiki , holistic living, prosperity & self-realization. Lateef Warnick is the creator as well as life coach, speaker, yogi and author of “Know Thyself: To Awaken Self-Realization” and “The Law of Attraction Manifesto: Manifesting Abundance, Prosperity, Success & Wealth.” We provide valuable information, articles, videos and resources as a support group for those seeking to experience better health and well-being.

A "concept" is an abstract idea or general notion. "Utopia" is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities. Now we don't believe that this world will ever be perfect or is meant to be perfect. However, we believe in the idea that that there is "perfect" place inside of you! This is a place of awareness, consciousness and state of well-being. And when this self-realization is found, it is something we are inspired to share with others.

Concept YOUtopia is YOUnique and doing business unlike any other. Our business model is one of a kind and as we expand will incorporate more services for networking helping members with expertise to help you holistically. We have created a system that helps individuals, families and businesses with holistic services that not only help you but the environment and those around you. We are a socially-responsible and environmentally-conscious platform that helps the community.

We believe that all outer experience begins with inner change. "Utopia begins with YOU!" but you must take the first step...

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